Watercolour Tattoos


I have specialised for a considerable time in Watercolour and enjoy creating this technique with tattoos. Popular designs include animals, plants, flowing figures and abstract shapes. This is very different to the old school designs of geometric shapes and lettering, the vibrant colours and unique designs have helped increase the growing popularity of Watercolour tattoos.

The unique use of colour is the main driving aspect when it comes to watercolour tattoos. By making colours blend and fade together in the same way that is exhibited on a painting makes the style so wonderful not just to create but more importantly to look at.

Watercolours are also not limited to the popular taste, custom pieces are created for the purpose of satisfying your individual needs.  You will even be given the original design picture to take away as part of the service.

Watercolour design for tattoo

Actual Tattoo


The side panel shows another tattoo design in Watercolour style plus a couple of Graham’s artwork pieces, watercolour tattoos are quite a popular request and really do look incredible when complete. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on creating the perfect tattoo together.


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If you wish to enquire about Watercolour Tattoos then please send an email to gj@inkedskintattoos.co.uk. InkedSkin Tattoos studio is part of the Inskin Group and can be found in the heart of Altrincham, Manchester within Kings Court.


why choose inkskin?

Graham Johnson is our expert tattoo artist who has years of experience in creating amazing tattoos using impressive skills gathered through making illustrations and bespoke designs for tattoo artists. Graham has a great passion for tattoos and enjoys creating a diverse range with a preference to 3D and watercolour designs. Bespoke designs are Graham’s specialty and he has created some wonderful designs through the years that he would love to share with you.

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