Portrait Tattoos

Actual tattoo placed on underside of forearm

Original Picture

Tattoo artists tend to specialise in one or two schools of tattooing.  Portraiture is one of them.  This is one area Graham enjoys working with.

This black and grey portrait was created from a WW2 photo (right).  The first picture on the side is a practice skin which shows how the tattoo developed.  It also helps sometimes to use practice skins to plan the tattoo and iron out any problem areas along the way if needed.  This piece then went on to develop into a full sleeve which also included 2 cover up tattoos.

Graham has worked with portraits since he was a child and throughout the years has worked with pencil, oils, watercolour and acrylic.  Suffice to say creating portraits onto skin is a very different to producing them on paper or canvas but he thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

This was the very first portrait tattoo that he did.

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