Tattoo Cover Ups

You may find you have a tattoo that you have outgrown or simply just don’t like.  Whilst there are options, many people prefer to have an old tattoo covered up with a bespoke new one creating an amazing tattoo out of an old one.

So we can work with you to create your ideal one whilst ensuring it works with or covers up the old tattoo, we will invite you in for an initial consultation.

Each cover up tattoo will depend on size, location and colours.  Each existing tattoo has its own unique challenges for a coverup design.

At consultation stage we need to discuss in detail feasibility of cover up and desired outcomes.  Assuming all is fine, a creative bespoke can be designed.

NB, if you have already tried to laser off the tattoo, the skin condition will also be a factor in overall design and feasibility of further tattoo work

This coverup shows two old school tattoos covered by a custom remembrance piece culminating into a full sleeve.

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If you wish to enquire about a Tattoo Cover Up then please send an email to InkedSkin Tattoos studio is part of the Inskin Group (29 Oxford Road, Altrincham WA14 2ED) if you would like to book a consultation, please call the clinic on 0161 637 7626



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